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On a journey of discovery in the Stubai Alps

Feel the power of nature. The Stubaital has unlimited surprises in store for lovers of nature. Just keep your eyes open and approach the summit step by step. But don’t worry – it doesn’t always have to be the summit. Happiness can also be found when walking over the soft alpine pasture, catching some sun by the hay barn. Let the sun warm your face and feel the Stubaital summer with every breath.


In the mood for hiking, mountaineering and climbing at the Stubaital?

We have selected a few highlights for your hiking holiday in the Stubai Valley. As boss Josef and junior boss Thomas like to be out and about with their guests several times a week, they have numerous insider tips for routes that you won't find on any hiking map. And of course they also have a lot to tell about the hiking paradise of the Stubai Alps.


“Local mountain” Serles

It towers over the peaks of the front Stubaital and offers everything a hiker’s heart desires. From the pilgrimage site of Maria Waldrast, a legendary hike through the impressive alpine world of the Stubai Alps leads up to the peak of the Serles. The name Serles comes from “King Serles”, who is the subject of an old Stubai myth. Legend has it that the Serles peak is an evil king who has been turned into stone as a punishment, and the two neighboring peaks are his equally petrified sons. This demanding alpine hike up the Serles requires a good condition and surefootedness and takes around five hours. Seen from above, the surrounding villages look tiny and the panoramic view is breathtaking. Let your hosts accompany you. The Serles is most beautiful at sunrise - an unforgettable experience for all mountain lovers.

Another highly recommended hike takes you up the “Blaser”. It is one of the most beautiful flower mountains in Tyrol and home to a wide variety of alpine flowers like edelweiss or gentian. At the Blaserhütte, you can enjoy Tyrolean delicacies as well as a marvelous view of the entire valley.

The pilgrimage monastery of Maria Waldrast is another popular hiking destination in your hiking holidays here at Hotel Serles. Shepherds used to rest here, which is the origin of the name “Waldrast”. From Mieders, follow the “Kapellenweg” past 15 chapels that are well worth a visit. The water of the Waldrast well is said to have healing powers: Take a sip, it is incredibly refreshing. Those who start from Koppeneck will enjoy a slow-paced and easy family hike. Maria Waldrast is a popular inn that offers delicacies and a marvelous view of the Brenner mountains as well as the Zillertal glaciers.

The Serlesbahnen directly in Mieders take you up to the Serles hiking and recreation area. From the Koppeneck summit station, easy hikes of only 15 minutes or a little more challenging tours of up to 3.5 hours can be undertaken. Of course, you can also start directly at Hotel Serles to explore the alpine world. Those who neither want to go back on foot nor by gondola can check out the summer toboggan run in Mieders, an exciting experience with 40 curves and 2.8 km in length. It is the steepest summer toboggan run in the Alps and, due to its beautiful location in the Serles hiking area, one of the most scenic alpine coasters in the country.

The Stubai High Trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Tyrol with a length of 120 km. Depending on one’s condition, it can take between eight and nine stages to master the entire distance. The start and finish are either Neustift or Fulpmes im Stubaital. Over the entire route, more than 8,000 vertical meters are covered. Therefore, it is recommended for good mountaineers and experienced, fit hikers.

The Blaser mountain in Trins, with an altitude of 2,240 meters, is the most flowery mountain of the Alps and has also become famous for its marvelous views of the entire Stubai Alps. The Blaserhütte is a popular place for a break after this moderately difficult hike. Lovers of nature will be enchanted by the colorful flower fields along the route.


Stubai in Tyrol: Everything is most beautiful on foot

The location of Mieders in the Stubaital also allows for hikes across the border. The untouched side valleys of the Stubai and Wipptal as well as South Tyrol, especially the Brenner Pass, are very close and grant access to another lovely hiking area with marvelous views of South and North Tyrol.

Maria Waldrast is an especially popular hiking destination. From Mieders, the “Kapellenweg” takes you past 15 chapels that are well worth a visit. The water of the Waldrast well is said to have healing powers: Take a sip, it is incredibly refreshing. Those who start from Koppeneck will enjoy a slow-paced and easy family hike. Maria Waldrast is a popular inn that offers delicacies and magnificent views. Our tip: The new excursion train from the Serlesbahnen summit station takes you directly to the Maria Waldrast monastery!

Josef and Thomas from Hotel Serles will show you the most beautiful natural sites, on a barefoot hike of the moor in Mieders, the Stubai High Trail, the “Geh-Zeiten-Wege” on the Elfer mountain, the Stubai Tree House Trail, or attempt the Seven Summits with you. Those who have mastered the seven summits receive proof of their accomplishment for the summit pass, which is available from the tourism association.


Stubai in Tirol: Zu Fuß ist`s doch am schönsten


Die Lage von Mieders im Stubaital ermöglicht es, auch grenzüberschreitende Wanderungen durchzuführen. Die naturbelassenen Seitentäler des Stubai- und Wipptales sowie Südtirol, allen voran der Brenner, sind ganz nah, und bieten eine weitere sehenswerte Wanderregion mit traumhaften Ausblicken über Süd- und Nordtirol.

Maria Waldrast ist ein besonders beliebtes Wanderziel. Ab Mieders führt der „Kapellenweg“ vorbei an 15 Kapellen die besonders sehenswert sind. Dem Wasser der Waldraster Quelle wird eine heilende Wirkung nachgesagt. Nehmen Sie ruhig einen Schluck davon. Es schmeckt herrlich erfrischend. Wer ab Koppeneck geht, hat eine sehr gemütliche und einfache Familienwanderung vor sich. Maria Waldrast ist bewirtet und eine Pause im Gasthof belohnt mit Schmankerln und herrlichem Ausblick. Unser Tipp: Mit dem neuen Bummelzug geht’s von der  Bergstation der Serlesbahnen ganz entspannt direkt zum Kloster Maria Waldrast!

Josef und Thomas vom Hotel Serles zeigen Ihnen die schönsten Naturschauplätze, bei der Barfußwanderung am Hochmoor in Mieders, den Stubaier Höhenweg, die Geh-Zeiten-Wege am „Elfer“, den Stubai Baumhausweg oder versuchen sich mit Ihnen an den Seven Summits. Wer die 7 Gipfel bewältigt, erhält einen Nachweis im Gipfelpass, den Sie bei Interesse vom Tourismusverband bekommen.

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