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Your host family, the Weichingers

warm-hearted, honest, sporty

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are the Weichinger family from Mieders im Stubaital and your hosts during your vacation here with us. We love personal contact to our guests, and so one of us is always there to take care of YOU. Most of our family life of course also takes place at our Hotel Serles, which is the center of life for the 5 of us. Our eldest son Josef has also dedicated himself to tourism, but at the other end of the world: Canada has always been the country of his dreams, where he is now working in a managerial capacity in the 4-star hotel industry.

“We”, that is Karoline and Josef Weichinger with junior host Thomas and our two nestlings, Lorenz and Marina. All of us are amazed by the beautiful Tyrolean mountains and love the proximity to the Olympic city and provincial capital of Innsbruck. This makes it possible to actively discover the Stubaital during the day and completing it with some culture and strolling around in Innsbruck.

On familiar terms with the “Weichingers”:

“There is no bad weather. Only inappropriate equipment.”Senior host Josef knows what he is talking about: He spends 5 days a week in the Stubai mountains with his guests. Hiking in summer, skiing in winter. As Josef knows Tyrol like the back of his hand, he also likes to explore the surrounding area. With him, it is quite common to get to know 5 different skiing areas around Innsbruck within one week. Depending on the weather, the sunniest slopes of the Tyrolean mountains are chosen, where you can take your turns by yourself, with your loved ones, or with Josef. The Weichinger 5-Day Week starts every day at 9:30 in the morning, when the hotel’s own bus takes you to the respective area. This way, you can give your own car a few days’ rest. Get the most out of the sunny days by going on ski safari with Josef.

“Only when our guests are excited, I am satisfied.”Junior host Thomas is a service professional and also loves to spend time with his guests. Like sommelier and senior host Josef, Thomas is an expert when it comes to recommending the right wine to your chosen menu. His congenial nature and expertise make him very popular with the guests at Hotel Serles. When with him in the Tyrolean mountains, you will learn a few things that you have never read about in books or travel guides. Also with smaller issues, like bulb replacements or adjusting the temperature of the pool, Thomas takes care that everything works as it is supposed to at Hotel Serles in Mieders.

“Many of our guests have become real friends.” Describing host Karoline is relatively easy: She is the good soul of the house. Without her, Hotel Serles would not be what it is: A family retreat, where time is devoted to the guests with a lot of love and passion. Karoline is your first contact at the front desk, who will give you a warm welcome, explain and show you everything. She always has some recommendations for you how to spend the day. She takes care that all the rooms are perfectly prepared, carefully decorated, and even the most extraordinary wishes fulfilled. Karoline also supports Thomas with the service and makes sure that the tables are laid nicely, and everything is in best order. Like the rest of the family, the four-time mom is a big fan of the Stubai Alps and takes the little ones, Lorenz and Marina, outside whenever she gets the chance.

“During the last family hiking week, we found true friends from Germany.”Lorenz and Marina are the babies of the Weichinger family. Wherever they are, there is something going on at Hotel Serles in Mieders. They both already like to make contact with their guests, preferably with those at the same age. During family hiking weeks, they love telling other children about Tyrol, and how the children at the Stubaital spend their free time. At 11 and 13 years old, these two happy natures can already tell our guests a lot of things they did not know before.


Our philosophy

Marvelous holidays in Mieders im Stubaital
“There is no bad weather. Only bad equipment.”
“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”
“Only when our guests are excited, I am satisfied.”
“Many of our guests have become real friends.”
“During the last family hiking week, we found true friends from Germany.”
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